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  • Aegina First Island  Open in New window : Municipal political party in Aegina island.
  • Dikki  Open in New window : Democratic Social Movement (DHKKI) is a political party that was founded by Dimitris Tsovolas, a former member of the Pan Hellenic Socialist Party.
  • Hellenic Front  Open in New window : The modern hellenic patriotic party.
  • KKE  Open in New window : The official site of the communist party of Greece.
  • LA.O.S  Open in New window : Website of the LA.O.S political party.
  • New Democracy  Open in New window : Official web site.
  • ONNED  Open in New window : The youth organization of New Democracy.
  • Panhellenic Socialist Movement  Open in New window : Political party of Greece founded by Andreas Papandreou.
  • Synaspismos  Open in New window : Coalition of the Left and Progress.
  • The Liberal Democratic Party  Open in New window : Political party founded by Stefanos Manos in 1999.

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